A Traffic Safety Company Saving You Money

A Traffic Safety Company Saving You Money

A Traffic Safety Company Saving You Money

At a time when inflation and supply chain issues are driving up the cost of everything from gasoline to groceries, Traffic Safety Direct is doing our part to help our customers save money on traffic safety products. While we cannot control much of what happens in the marketplace, we are always looking for ways to bring down costs and work with suppliers and vendors who offer reasonable pricing.

Combatting Rising Prices by “Second Sourcing” 

Traffic Safety Direct has earned a reputation for providing customers with great products at affordable prices. In our ongoing effort to combat rising prices, our company has been very active in “second sourcing” almost everything we sell. This means that if a current vendor cannot supply a certain product in a timely and cost-effective manner, we have an option to purchase the product from a supplier who can.

Switching Suppliers to Keep Speed Bumps Affordable

Our 6’ Rubber Speed Bump is a prime example of our dedication to doing right by our customers. We changed suppliers and switched from a product that cost $189 to one that sells for $129 – a savings of $60 per item.

The RSH-6-X rubber speed bump improves safety by reducing vehicle speeds. This makes it ideal for use in parking garages and parking lot gate entrances as well as in high-pedestrian areas like school zones and neighborhood intersections. The maintenance-free, flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface, and the combination of highly reflective tape and cat's eye reflectors makes these speed bumps visible day and night.

Securing a More Affordable Safety Light

The Abrams OwlEye light is another example of a successful search for a good traffic safety vendor with a good product at a good price. Previous suppliers were not only higher priced, but we had issues with availability and reliability. Abrams is one of the leading manufactures of vehicle safety equipment in the country, and they offered a quality product with reliable production and inventory – with the added bonus of being more affordable. Fully waterproof and made from premium-quality materials for maximum durability, their OwlEye light is suitable for heavy-duty professional use on all emergency vehicles, including snow plow trucks, tow trucks, construction vehicles, and security cars.

Recommending Products That Save You Time and Money

One of the many advantages of buying traffic safety products from a reliable company is having the opportunity to work with knowledgeable and experienced sales staff. Traffic Safety Direct is proud of our team’s expertise in helping customers choose the best solutions for their projects – as well as recommending products that will be effective and economical.

Reducing the Cost of Pothole Repair with Cold Mix Perma-Patch®

For example, Cold Mix Perma-Patch is our go-to to choice for fast and cost-effective pothole repairs. Fixing potholes can be costly, but if left untreated they can increase in size and cause additional damage to roads, parking lots, and vehicles. This easy-to-use all-season patching material bonds to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces and accepts traffic immediately (check out our demo video for detailed instructions.)

There are several ways to save by using PermaPatch. Since it is simple to use, there is no need to hire a repair crew to do the patching – or to repave an entire parking lot or drive way. You can also lower costs by purchasing PermaPatch by the truckload. Traffic Safety Direct offers price breaks on bulk purchases of many commonly-used products that can result in significant savings.

Providing Optimal Ground Protection and Long-Term Savings

From utility repair and heavy construction to landscaping, protecting ground surfaces on outdoor job sites is essential.Ground protection mats help create a solid short-term foundation while reducing the impact of machinery on the surface below.

While many contractors opt for plywood because it is inexpensive, it is not as economical as it first appears. Our company recommends AlturnaMATS because they offer exceptional durability and protection – and will save you money if you are currently using plywood. Made from ½” thick recycled polyethylene, our 4”x8” mats bend but don’t break, withstand extreme temperatures, and won’t rot or deteriorate like wood. AlturnaMATS’ performance is also far superior to plywood, providing maximum equipment traction and a load capacity designed to disperse up to 120 tons. And you can re-use them again and again.

Contact Traffic Safety Direct today to discuss all of the ways we can help you save money on quality traffic safety products for all of your summer projects.

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