All-Weather Blacktop Patch

A blacktop cold patch consisting of sand, 1/4″ aggregate and VOC compliant asphalt. The coldpatch is ready to use and requires no mixing and no heating.
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All-Weather Blacktop patch is a specially blended mix of high quality asphalt and 1/4” aggregate used for patching potholes and cracks greater than 1” wide in asphalt pavement. It is suitable to use for patching potholes in roads, driveways and walkways. Can also be used to repair drainage grates, and creating build-up ramps for garage entrances. Ready-to-Use straight from the bag. Requires no heating, mixing, or additions. Patched surfaces are ready for immediate foot traffic after application. 

Sweep and clean area to be filled. Square off the edges of the hole and remove all loose material. Vertical sides will provide a stronger patch.
2 > FILL
Apply at least 1” thick, compacting each 1/2” layer. Fill the hole to a height of 1/2” above the surrounding surface. Patches over 1” thick must be applied in 1/2” lifts which must be adequately compacted before additional material is added.
Compact the area with a roller or tamper. The patch may also be covered with plywood or plastic and driven over to increase compaction.