Assistance for Crowd Control in Public Venues

Assistance for Crowd Control in Public Venues

Crowd Control can be challenging for even the smallest of venues, such as signup for Little League Baseball or a voting booth. However, the simple act of creating an easy to identify lane for people to follow can address this challenge.

As stated in the post "The Science of Crowd Movement, Mentality, and Control"

For instance, particles move in lanes unless they encounter some sort of obstacle. Humans are the same. Even on a busy street, we see people walking in lanes – those walking east, those walking west, etc. If there is an obstacle in the street, such as someone stopped to tie their shoes, the flow of the lane is interrupted and a number of other obstructions may occur as a result.

Since people will instinctively arrange their movement using the site of a simple obstacle. small crowds can be managed with lightweight devices. A line can be easily created, providing a visual path for the small crowd to follow. The result is order rather than chaos.

Plastic Portable Post

A plastic portable post is an economical alternative to steel or concrete posts. This is perfect for use outside, either "as is", or with the base ballasted with sand or gravel. There is an optional sign holder for customized messages. This is available in white or black. The height is 39" with a plastic chain available in white, black or yellow.

Plastic Chain Cone Kits

Alternatively there are plastic cone kits. This comes with a cone chain connector that has four ends. This configuration provides flexibility for the direction that the lane is to take.

When small crowds gather in a small space, chaos can occur. With a little forethought and preparation, much can be done to ensure that order is maintained during the event. If you would like to learn more about controlling crowds, please contact us at Traffic Safety Direct.


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