Cold Patch Asphalt Instructions Couldn't Be Simpler

Cold Patch Asphalt Instructions Couldn't Be Simpler

Patching Potholes is Easy with Perma-Patch Asphalt Repair

For those of who live in a four-season climate, potholes are a fact of life. They seem to appear overnight on roads, in parking lots and even in our own driveways, and can be a major safety hazard for both motorists and pedestrians.

Potholes are caused by numerous factors, including winter’s freeze-and-thaw cycle, heavy traffic loads and pavement base failure. Typically, cold temperatures cause cracks to form in pavement and water seeps in, degrading the ground beneath and resulting in potholes.

While repairing potholes is an expense, the costs of not fixing them can be significant. The impact from a deep pothole can equal the impact of a 35-mph car accident, and statistics show that potholes cost American drivers over $6 billion dollars a year in flat tires, damaged rims and vehicle alignment issues. Potholes also cause countless injuries to cyclists and pedestrians, and are a leading tripping hazard concern for property and business owners.

Fix Potholes Year Round with Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

If left untreated, pavement cracks and potholes are likely to increase in size and cause additional damage. Patching should be done as soon as possible to prevent further problems and to allow roads, parking areas and driveways to be used safely.

Practically any do-it-yourselfer can repair a pothole using cold patch asphalt repair. The process is as simple as pouring the already-mixed material out of the bag and tamping it in the crack or pothole. Repairs require minimal work and are far less time-consuming and costly than hot mix asphalt patching.

Quickly Repair Potholes with Perma-Patch – No Mixing, No Heat Required

Cold mix Perma-Patch is an all-season patching material that bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces and accepts traffic immediately. No mixing or special pothole preparation is required, and Perma-Patch can be used under any weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -0° to 100°. Hazardous cracks and holes can be filled instantly and permanently without the need for heated asphalt, rolling and heavy equipment.

Easy 3-Step Instructions:

  1. Clear any loose material or debris from the pothole and surrounding area. It is not necessary to remove all dirt and dust from the hole, and the repair material will displace any standing water.
  2. Pour Perma-Patch directly from the bag into the pothole. Depending on the size of the hole or for greater control, you may want to use a shovel or trowel to scoop the material out of the bag.
  3. Compact with a tamper or small plate compactor, or simply drive over the material. The key to a permanent repair is compaction; the tighter the compaction, the better the repair. If necessary, apply more material incrementally and compact it until the area has been filled.

 This Perma-Patch how-to video provides detailed patching instructions.

Perma-Patch Saves Time and Money

Perma-Patch provides a fast, effective and practical solution to asphalt repair. One 60 lb. bag will fill a 6-square-foot area, 1 inch deep, and the product has a two-year shelf life. So you can save even more on pothole repairs by using the same patching material year round, year after year.

With the wear and tear on roads season after season, regular maintenance can help reduce costs and improve safety. Let Traffic Safety Direct help with your road repair and maintenance projects all year long!

Still have questions about how to use the Perma-Patch Cold Patch Asphalt Repair product? Give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales team is happy to help.

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