Head Back to School with Custom Signs & Banners from TSD

Head Back to School with Custom Signs & Banners from TSD

Across the country, students, teachers and administrators have said goodbye to summer and headed back to the classroom. At Traffic Safety Direct, we are also in “back-to-school” mode, working to meet the needs of educational institutions from preschool through college. While we help schools stock the usual supplies like paint for athletic fields, parking signs, and snowplows and spreaders to keep the grounds clear, we have been busy creating plenty of custom signs and banners as well.

Whether your school is promoting upcoming events, recognizing achievements or announcing rules and regulations geared towards student safety, signage helps you convey information and inspiration quickly and effectively. Traffic Safety Direct creates full color, high quality, affordable signs and banners that cover the spectrum from building and directional signage to team spirit banners, all of which can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

Keeping Students, Faculty and Visitors in the Know

The Traffic Safety Direct team enjoys building ongoing relationships with schools and serving as their go-to source for standard supplies as well as special projects. For instance, we have a long history of supporting the Ramsey School District in nearby Ramsey, New Jersey, including doing quite a bit of custom work for them.

Our most recent project was in response to a request from the high school principal to produce signage to help kick off the new school year. We used the “Profile of a Ramsey Graduate”, which serves as the "North Star" that guides the school district’s work from PreK through Grade 12, to produce the wall decals pictured here. We created similar banners and easel signage that will be used during the borough’s upcoming Ramsey Day celebration and other special events.

Traffic Safety Direct also produced custom banner and lawn signs to help launch the high school’s Stigma Free initiative, demonstrating a commitment to the awareness and understanding of various stigmas and maintaining a safe space where people are accepting of themselves and others.

Ramsey is a community where team spirit shines bright, and last season we were asked to update some of the old sports signage in the high school gymnasium. We produced 40 to 50 modern, easy-to-read, state championship signs – for sports ranging from boys basketball and football to girls soccer and cross-country – to replace the worn-out felt versions from the 1950s.

Meeting Every School’s Every Need

Whatever your school signage needs might be, Traffic Safety Direct can deliver. Our wide range of custom work has included parking lot and direction signs, drug free school zone signs, security and student safety signs, as well as banners and decals promoting everything from fundraisers to theater productions to sporting events. Whether you are updating signage throughout your school building or need just a handful of unique promotional banners, we will work closely with you to personalize what matters most to your school, your students and your community.

Let Traffic Safety Direct handle all your custom signage needs this fall. For more information, give us a call or e-mail us at SignShop@TrafficSafetyDirect.com.

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