How to Choose the Best Bollard Post

How to Choose the Best Bollard Post

How to Choose the Best Bollard Post

Bollards protect buildings and people by restricting motor vehicle access in high-traffic areas. These short, sturdy posts create a physical barrier to keep both people and structures safe from harm, which makes them an extremely effective safety device – and a popular choice for improving security in a wide range of public spaces. But not all bollards are the same. It’s important to select the type of bollard post that will work best for your needs.

Concrete-Filled Steel Bollards Offer Increased Safety and Durability

Bollards are often used to increase safety in parking areas, protect storefronts on main streets and in shopping malls, and to shield pedestrians who are using sidewalks, pathways, play areas, and bicycle trails. They are also ideal for industrial settings, where they can help secure buildings, protect employees from potentially dangerous machinery, or prevent delivery trucks from entering restricted spaces.

To be fully effective, bollards should be designed so that they bend or become distorted on impact. An unreinforced concrete post has little bending strength, so it can easily break if hit by a moving vehicle – so it’s not the ideal choice if you’re focusing on safety. But bollards made of structural grade steel filled with concrete have increased impact resistance. The steel pipe adds strength and give, while the concrete helps prevent the pipe from buckling or collapsing.

Simple in both design and function, steel pipe bollards are the most common type of security bollard found near buildings and in parking lots. In addition to protecting pedestrians and property, they also offer a cost-effective option when a larger number of barriers are needed to guide or control traffic.

Bollards Come in Multiple Styles and Sizes for Multiple End-Uses

Bollards come in multiple styles and sizes to suit different end-uses. When selecting a bollard, it is important to first consider the primary purpose for the device and the security risk you want to address. For instance, if you are looking to protect a garage door from damage caused by large trucks, you may want to install taller and thicker bollard posts. Smaller or thinner bollards can be ideal if you want to separate a parking area from a paved pedestrian pathway or busy playground.

Traffic Safety Direct Stocks Steel Bollards to Suit Every Security Need

Whether you are installing new bollards in front of an office building or upgrading damaged devices in a parking garage, Traffic Safety Direct has plenty of quality options in stock.

To view all of the styles and sizes of steel bollards we have ready for delivery and installation, check out our video here.


Custom Orders? Not a Problem!

Purchasing ready-made steel bollards can save you money, especially if your project requires a considerable number of devices. However, custom sizing is also available for situations or locations where standard-sized bollards are not a workable solution. Contact Traffic Safety Direct today for help selecting the right traffic safety products to meet your specific needs.

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