Improve Work Zone Safety with Easy-to-Install Temporary Overlay Markers

Improve Work Zone Safety with Easy-to-Install Temporary Overlay Markers

Spring’s arrival means more drivers are on the road. When the weather warms up, people are eager to dine out, attend concerts, take road trips and enjoy the local sights. Unfortunately, more vehicle traffic also means an increased chance of accidents.

Springtime typically signals the start of highway construction projects and road repair work as well. Roadway work zones are hazardous for motorists who have to navigate lane and speed changes and the complex array of signs and markers. The workers who build, repair and maintain our streets, bridges and highways are also at risk. On average, more than 700 people in the U.S. lose their lives each year in work zone crashes, and thousands more are seriously injured.

Improved Road Markings Help Improve Safety

To improve the safety of drivers and workers and reduce the risk of accidents, it is imperative that work zones are well marked and that signage and pavement markings are highly visible. In areas where new road paving or resurfacing has recently been completed, temporary overlay markers (TOMs)are the most effective, convenient and affordable way to provide lane delineation until permanent lines can be painted on the new surface.

TOMs provide short-term lane markings that work effectively both day and night. Overlay markers are ideal for delineating center single and double lines, edge lines, lane lines and channelizing. Because they are easy to install and simulate solid lines without the need for expensive temporary striping, TOMs are the ideal solution for providing improved traffic and work zone safety at a significant cost savings.

Made from engineering resins and the best retro-reflective tapes and adhesives, Traffic Safety Direct’s TOMs are available in white or yellow and can be made reflective on one or both sides to provide enhanced delineation and visibility. Temporary markers often need to remain in place for weeks until paint can be applied, so it is extremely important that they perform under extreme weather conditions and stand up to the demands of construction work zones. Our superior quality TOMs are highly durable and suitable for use on any road or parking lot, from low volume to interstate highways.

Temporary Overlay Markers are Easy to Install

Our TOMs feature a peel-and-stick adhesive pad that allows for quick installation by a single worker without any additional equipment. Follow these simple guidelines for the best results:

  • Make sure pavement surface is free of dust, dirt, oil and moisture, which can inhibit bonding of the markers.
  • Apply marker in dry conditions above 50° F (when air temperatures are below 50° F, it may be necessary to use pavement primer spray before installation).
  • Remove release paper from adhesive.
  • Place marker on pavement surface and apply pressure for 5 seconds (insufficient pressure may prevent adhesive from setting).
  • One-sided reflectors must be placed to face oncoming traffic.

Newly marked roads can handle traffic immediately following installation, and markers can be removed easily from asphalt and concrete surfaces at temperatures above or below freezing.

The use of temporary overlay markers helps drivers better navigate construction zones and can ultimately lower the risk of accidents, injury and loss of life. Contact Traffic Safety Direct to discuss how TOMs and other products can help you take a proactive approach to traffic and work zone safety this spring. 

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