Maintain a Safe Environment with Social Distancing Signs

Maintain a Safe Environment with Social Distancing Signs

Maintain a Safe Environment with Social Distancing Signs

The worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. Here at home, restrictions are slowly being lifted and people are resuming everyday activities after nearly three months of lockdown.

In order to support our customers during this difficult time, Traffic Safety Direct pivoted to provide essential safety and social distancing-related products ranging from protective face masks to custom signs. As cities, businesses, and organizations reopen or prepare to restart, we are continuing to address their need to create and maintain safe environments for their customers, residents, and workers – both indoors and out.

Keep Customers in the Know with Visible Signs

As the situation has changed rapidly during the COVID-19 crisis, it has been essential for municipalities, businesses, and organizations to keep everyone informed – from shoppers and residents to patients, parents, and students. Over the past few months, we have seen the demand for custom signage increase dramatically, whether to communicate capacity and purchasing limits, changes to operating hours, or identify parking spots for curbside pickup. Signage is also a highly visible and effective way to promote compliance with the mandatory social distancing guidelines that have been put in place to help ensure the health and safety of individuals and the entire community.

While signage is essential for keeping the public informed, transporting, setting up, and removing signs is not always an easy task. Traffic Safety Direct carries an array of easy-to-move signs that are suitable for any situation, from hourly to daily to longer-term use.

Two-sided folding sign stands like the A-Plus Folding, Rolling Sign Holder are portable, affordable, and user-friendly. The Signicade Deluxe is perfect for those who need to change signs quickly or have multiple messages to convey. Swap one or both signs in seconds by simply sliding one out and inserting another into the tabs provided.

Portable Sign Bases Offer the Ultimate in Flexibility

Portable sign stands give you the flexibility you need to transport and position your signs whenever and wherever they are needed. These rubber and plastic sign bases feature built-in wheels designed to roll on most surfaces, making it easy to move them without lifting or carrying. Heavy enough to provide stability and wind resistance yet light enough to easily tip and roll, portable signs bases and poles can be placed anywhere to provide people with information, directions, or details about changes in safety rules and regulations. Using portable sign bases and poles can also save you money by eliminating the need to purchase multiple products. Simply change the signage on one or more poles or move existing sign stands to a new location.

Our custom sign department designs signage to fit all of our sign stands, and we can create signs to convey your specific COVID-19 messaging. Call our shop at 201-327-6050 to discuss your needs.

FREE SHIPPING Now Available on Portable Sign Stands

For added convenience during the current situation and beyond, Traffic Safety Direct is working to roll out free shipping on select products. We are currently offering free shipping on two of our most popular portable sign bases: the Portable Pole 2 Sign Base and 48" Post and the Portable Pole 3 Plastic Sign Base and 72" Post. Both of these wheeled sign bases and poles feature a clean design that looks great inside and outside, and they are easy to assemble. Just insert the pole, tighten the security bolt, and mount the sign.

Look for the “Free Shipping” box located just below the SKU when you order online or call 888-260-3246 and ask us about shipping options.

The experts at Traffic Safety Direct can help you find or create the right signs to keep your customers, workers, students, or residents informed, healthy, and safe. Call or email us today.

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