March Madness: Free Snow Plow or Spreader Installation with Purchase!

March Madness: Free Snow Plow or Spreader Installation with Purchase!

March Madness: Free Snow Plow or Spreader Installation with Purchase!

As winter winds down in many parts of the country, snow removal professionals begin to take stock of the wear and tear on their equipment – and look for opportunities to save money on purchasing new plows and spreaders. Whether you want to upgrade or expand your fleet or need to replace outdated or worn out equipment, now is the time to shop for end-of-the-season deals.

Limited Time Offer: Free Plow or Spreader Installation with In-Stock Purchase

At Plow Parts Direct, we’ve always got great prices on snow and ice removal equipment. But as we start seeing signs of spring, we’re offering extra incentives so we can move some of our snow plow and spreader inventory to make room for new products.

During March 2020, purchase any Western plow or spreader in stock and we will install it for free! You’ll save $500 on new plows, $350 on new hopper spreaders, and $150 on new tailgate spreaders.


What to Consider When Buying a Snow Plow

When it comes purchasing a new snow plow, there are many things that need to be considered before making a decision – from design and maintenance to the anticipated workload. To help ensure peak performance and efficiency, we advise customers to go with a reputable manufacturer and select the model best suited to their snow removal operation.

Quality brands like Western design their plows using the latest technology and strive to simplify maintenance and repairs. We’ve currently got some of Western’s most popular models in stock. These include the Pro-Plow, Western’s best-selling straight blade snow plow, and the rugged Pro Plus, an easy-to-operate straight blade plow featuring a 65-degree attack angle. Both models come with a standard high carbon steel cutting edge that extends the life of the blade.

Western’s Wideout allows operators to put the snow plow into the most efficient positions needed to get the job done. Wideout’s independently controlled, flared wings can be expanded to provide a larger plowing path, and retracted at the push of a button to maneuver in smaller or tighter areas.

Choose the Right Salt Spreader for the Job

Salt spreading offers an efficient way to generate extra income without a lot of extra effort. However, choosing the right spreading equipment can be the difference between completing a job efficiently and spinning your wheels. Plow Parts Direct simplifies your search by stocking a selection of Western tailgate and hopper salt spreaders.

A tailgate spreader is the perfect choice for servicing driveways and other small residential applications. Western’s 1000 model is a low-profile tailgate spreader that attaches to a wide variety of vehicles. This high-density spreader sits lower on trucks to deliver top performance without affecting the operator's view from behind the wheel.

If you plow large commercial or institutional facilities, a salt hopper will allow you to get more done faster. The Western Striker stainless steel hopper spreader is durable and loaded with the latest in snow and ice control technology. The compact Western Tornado hopper spreader is designed to be mounted in a utility vehicle’s cargo box, making it ideal for de-icing sidewalks and pathways.

Your equipment purchase and free install must occur during March 2020, so shop our existing stock today! 

Purchasing new equipment now will position your snow removal operation to hit the ground running next season. Let the experts at Plow Parts Direct help you choose the right products for your business – at savings you won’t find when winter rolls around again. Give us a call at 888-260-3246.

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