Pedestrian Safety Requires Different Solutions in Different Situations

Pedestrian Safety Requires Different Solutions in Different Situations

Maintaining pedestrian safety is a challenge in many different situations. There is pedestrian safety in neighborhoods, disaster response, construction sites and public venues to name just a few. Understanding that different situations present unique challenges is important.

Pedestrian Safety in Neighborhoods

Pedestrian safety is becoming a larger issue in our communities. People are walking more. They are moving to urban neighborhoods and adding steps to improve their health. And of course, children will always be playing near the street.

There is much that we can do to improve the safety of our communities. We do not need to rely only on the police for enforcement. Our community can organize to play an important role in managing traffic safety.

Pedestrian Safety during Disaster Response and Recovery

Residents that evacuated want to return to see what damage has occurred to their personal property. This is understandable. However, debris is strewn everywhere. Accidents are likely to occur in this scenario

Disaster Recovery crews are working hard to ensure residents are not trapped or lying injured in their homes. Cleanup crews are trying to act quickly so emergency vehicles can move freely through the streets. Residents are tired and emotional, but, feel compelled to check on their homes. This is a very dangerous time.

Pedestrian Safety During Road Construction

During the construction process, traffic patterns will be disrupted. This is due to a combination of temporary routes and detours. Traffic safety products are required to meet the requirements identified in Traffic Control Plans.

Pedestrian Safety in small public venues

Crowd Control can be challenging for even the smallest of venues, such as signup for Little League Baseball or a voting booth. However, the simple act of creating an easy to identify lane for people to follow can address this challenge.

Since people will instinctively arrange their movement using the site of a simple obstacle. small crowds can be managed with lightweight devices. A line can be easily created, providing a visual path for the small crowd to follow. The result is order rather than chaos.

Traffic Safety

At Traffic Safety Direct, we provide traffic safety products to keep workers, volunteers and citizens safe in varying situations. Contact us at Traffic Safety Direct and let us know how we may be able to assist you.

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