Rubber Base vs. Telescopic Roll Up Traffic Sign Stands

Rubber Base vs. Telescopic Roll Up Traffic Sign Stands

Repairing and maintaining the infrastructure that supports our mobility and comfort is a year-round job, and springtime is a powerful reminder of just how big a job this is. Even a mild winter can take a toll on everything from paved surfaces to power lines.

For proof, look no further than Traffic Safety Direct’s home state of New Jersey. In a recent survey of adults, nearly half said bad road conditions damaged their vehicle, with 46% saying their car got a flat tire or other damage from a pothole in the last three years. Almost one third (31%) said potholes are the greatest hazard they encounter when traveling the state’s roads.

Whether it's pothole repair, bridge construction or utility work, there are countless infrastructure improvement and maintenance projects and situations that require the use of temporary signage. Whether the situation calls for hourly, daily or longer-term use, reflective roll-up traffic signs and portable traffic sign bases provide the visibility, control and security needed to inform and protect workers, pedestrians and motorists – combined with features that make them easy to use and transport from one work zone to another.

Rubber Base vs. Telescopic Sign Stands: Which is Better?

There are a number of portable sign stands designed specifically for use with roll-up signs. Rubber base and telescoping stands are two of the most popular roll-up sign stands we carry. Each one requires few tools to construct and is easy to disassemble, which makes setup and cleanup faster. However, there are situations where one may be more ideal than the other.

Recycled Rubber Base Sign Stand

The Zephyr portable sign stand is designed for use with 36" and 48" roll-up signs. Constructed of a steel plate molded into a large recycled rubber base, this sign stand is skid-resistant, stable and “spills the wind”, making it well-suited to windy conditions.

The Zephyr stand has a number of features that make it simple to use:

  • Release the level on the base and raise the vertical mast to lock it into the upright position.
  • To mount a sign, just insert the plastic corner pocket at the bottom of the sign and press down. The sign automatically locks in place.
  • To remove the sign, simply lift the release lever.
  • Two molded-in handles make it easy to transport to and from work sites

In addition, the Zephyr’s compact, low profile design takes up very little space, so it is great for projects where limited storage or display area is an issue. Stacking lugs are molded into the rubber base and the mast folds down and locks in place to minimize damage during loading, transporting and unloading the stand.

Telescoping Sign Stand

The SafeZone Series SZ-412 Springless Sign Stand is a super lightweight, compact, springless sign stand for use with roll-up signs. Telescopic legs with both pull pin and kick release levers can be released by hand or foot for fast set-up, and its single sign attachment point allows for quick deployment in the field.

Other unique features of the SafeZone Series SZ-412 include:

  • Independently adjustable legs with anti-skid footpads and three height adjustments make it ideal for use on uneven terrain and along right of ways and medians.
  • Flexes to remain stable in strong or gusty winds.
  • Powder-coated and zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Bright orange legs provide extra visibility on curbs and sidewalks.
  • Less than 1 cubic foot when stored so it takes up little space.

The SafeZone Series SZ-412 also has a crash-tested breakaway base that is the first of its kind for this type of portable sign stand. It has been designed to rotate 90 degrees to the ground on impact, eliminating any damage to the underside of the impacting vehicle.

Reflective Roll-Up Signs for All Your Needs

Traffic Safety Direct offers a broad range of premium reflective roll-up traffic signs that are portable, flexible and easy to transport. Our standard signs range from “Road Closed” to "Utility Work Ahead," and we offer customized create-your-own signs to meet specific needs. All of our signs are made of the highest quality materials to provide maximum performance and safety for motorists, pedestrians and workers.

Spring is the season for repair and recovery, and Traffic Safety Direct has everything you need for projects large and small. Contact us today!

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