Rubber Curb Stops – Protect Against Damage Before It Occurs

Rubber Curb Stops – Protect Against Damage Before It Occurs

Rubber Curb Stops - Protect Against Damage Before It Occurs

Accidents that happen in parking lots and garages are extremely common. According to the National Safety Council, more than 50,000 car crashes occur in parking lots and parking garages each year, resulting in more than 60,000 injuries.

Parking accidents tend to happen at relatively low speeds, which means dented fenders, door dings, or damage to garage walls may not seem serious compared to the damage that can result from a highway crash. The fact is, collisions in parking areas can lead to costly repairs and be a source of tremendous inconvenience.

curb stop or rubber parking stop offers a simple solution for commercial parking facility owners or managers as well as for homeowners with a driveway or garage. This easy-to-install device helps prevent damage to curbs, sidewalks, buildings, landscaping, and other cars – before it occurs.

Stop Mishaps and Protect Buildings

Rubber curb stops help delineate parking boundaries for drivers and are designed to stop vehicles from rolling past certain points. This can help increase safety, prevent mishaps, and protect buildings and vehicles from the type of damage that can occur during parking. Available in 3’ and 6’ lengths, curb stops are suitable for use in commercial parking structures and lots, home garages, or driveways.

A curb stop is sometimes confused with a speed bump or hump. A speed bump is designed to help control vehicle speeds on residential streets and in commercial areas such as parking lots. It is placed in the middle of the roadway so that a car needs to slow down in order to drive over it comfortably. A curb or parking stop is different in that it provides physical feedback to the driver to let them know the boundaries of the parking spot and when to stop the car.

Made from Rubber, Our Parking Stops Are Durable and Affordable

At Traffic Safety Direct, our curb stops are made of heavy-duty recycled rubber that causes less damage to vehicles and is more impact resistant than concrete. They are lightweight and simple to install compared to cement stops, with pre-drilled holes for trouble-free mounting and specially designed installation hardware (sold separately).

Our rubber curb stops won’t warp, rot, crack, or chip. They can withstand moisture and extreme temperatures and won’t fade over time, even when exposed to intense UV rays. They have reflective safety strips in a variety of vibrant colors to provide higher visibility at night and when there is poor visibility. And because rubber curb stops require no maintenance, they are an economical choice for commercial and home use.

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We’ve got a variety of Home Park It Rubber Curb Stop units as well as wall and corner protectors designed to provide worry-free parking in your garage or lot.

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