Signs That are Lightweight, Weatherproof and Reusable are Great for Outdoor Sporting Events

Signs That are Lightweight, Weatherproof and Reusable are Great for Outdoor Sporting Events

Summer is approaching. Now is the time when the weekend sports enthusiasts are looking to sign up for their favorite annual sporting event.

The weekend event options are limitless. Some are golf or archery tournaments; cycling or running rallies; and so many more. No matter what the preference, the weekends will be active in amateur and charity sporting events.

Hosting and organizing these events can be quite a challenge. In a previous post, we discuss Who Are Those People Managing Traffic Safety in Charity Events?

These activities are possible because many volunteers dedicate their time, and often risk their safety, so that everyone can have a fun and healthy experience.

That would be a combination of volunteers and local police officers from the different towns along the route.

The majority of the volunteers are in place for the safety of the participants. Critical assistance to the volunteers regarding safety is proper signage. This is true of route signage and also identification of key locations, like First Aid stations and information booths.

When considering signage for an outdoor event, an excellent material to use is Coroplast. This material enables a lightweight sign that is durable and weather resistant at an affordable price, even in low quantities.

Coroplast® is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC. The term coroplast has become a generic term for all corrugated plastic because of its popularity. It has the appearance of plastic cardboard. This is the key to its light weight and resistance to different weather conditions.

Is Coroplast® recyclable? Coroplast, an Interplast Group Company, says:

A: Yes, in most cases, standard Coroplast plastic sheets are 100% recyclable. We encourage the recycling of Coroplast plastic sheets. Due to the durability of Coroplast it can often be reused. If the product is no longer usable we recommend removing any non-polypropylene accessories if applicable and recycling. Polypropylene is coded 5 by the Society of the Plastics Industry. Some common uses for recycled Coroplast include automobile battery cases, signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, ice scrapers, oil funnels, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets, sheeting, and trays.

Coroplast is lightweight and extremely versatile. It is a popular alternative over rigid plastic signs. They are also preferred over poster board and foam core mounting board. Outdoor sporting events require a weatherproof design that will last so the sign can be reused year after year.

At Traffic Safety Direct, we can develop coroplast custom signs to meet the needs of your outdoor event. This category is so broad that we ask you call us to discuss any custom sign needs 201-327-6050.

Additionally, we carry two types of coroplast sign stakes, economy and plastic Spider stakes. One may be a better choice than the other based upon terrain and use.



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