Solar-Powered Traffic Signs Improve Safety and Save Energy

Solar-Powered Traffic Signs Improve Safety and Save Energy

The trend towards being more environmentally friendly in terms of the products and services we use can be seen in the way towns, cities and local governments are using renewable energy to improve safety on our roads and highways. Solar energy is becoming a popular option to power everything from traffic lights to stop signs, providing better overall visibility and saving money – and the planet – in the process. 

Street signs do not have to be lit to be effective, but lights certainly make drivers more aware of them. Compared to typical street signs, solar powered LED signs with flashing lights increase the range of visibility day and night, as well as in even the most extreme weather conditions. Whether they are used at crosswalks or intersections, these signs help promote greater safety for both pedestrians and motor vehicle operators.

Advantages of Solar Powered Traffic Signs

The obvious advantage of using solar powered traffic signs is they do not use fossil fuel energy. Solar is less polluting than coal, oil or natural gas, making it a more environmentally friendly source of energy. Solar powers signs wherever there is sunlight, and the power is harnessed and stored in each sign’s battery so it continues to work all year long.

Because solar powered LED traffic signs are difficult to ignore, they provide enhanced awareness for drivers and pedestrians on streets, in parking lots and school zones, and in heavy traffic or accident-prone locations. Since they need no wiring or nearby electrical source, solar powered LED signs are inexpensive to operate, low-maintenance and can be placed virtually anywhere increased visibility is needed. Installation is easy – simply attach the signs to permanent posts or poles for stability, or to temporary stands or bases for maximum portability.

Additional benefits of the LED illuminated signs we offer at Traffic Safety Direct include:

  • Energy efficiency (consumes 90% less electricity)
  • Visible for up to 500 meters
  • No maintenance/service required (3-year guarantee)
  • Work for up to 10 days without sun once fully charged

Improving Safety in Crosswalks and Intersections

There is no doubt that installing visible signage at busy intersections and crosswalks increases the safety of our roads and protects residents and visitors in our communities. Our line of LED illuminated signs offers an effective solar powered alternative to conventional passive signage in a self-contained system that can easily be adapted to replace any existing traffic or commercial sign.

Our solar LED pedestrian crosswalk and stop signs incorporate High Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels – one of the most efficient Photovoltaic cells on the market – with high efficiency LEDs. The combination of solar energy with LED lighting results in a high quality and consumption free electrical system.

Traffic Safety Direct offers two solar LED STOP signs that are simple to install and require no maintenance. Our standard-dimension STOP sign features High Intensity Optical LED's with a 50,000-hour life span and a Lead Acid Battery that is good for 3,000 charge cycles.

Our Solar LED Stop Sign 30" EGP is built with a unique aluminum alloy board and solar board combined together. This sign, which has bright red LED lights that can be constant or set to flash at a rate of 50 times per minute, adheres to MUTCD standards for retroreflectivity and illumination.The 7.4V/4400AH lithium battery has a 3- to 5-year lifespan and provides 2,500-foot visibility.

When it comes to improving pedestrian crosswalk safety, our Solar LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign with its bright blinking lights will increase visibility for drivers on the road, in shopping centers and parking lots, and anywhere there is a high volume of foot traffic. This traffic safety warning sign is built for commercial, residential, school and government use and meets MUTCD requirements for retroreflectivity and illumination. It can be set to all day or evening-only flashing and will operate for 5 to 7 consecutive days after one full charge.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly solutions to enhance safety for all road users, we can help. Email us or call 888-260-3246 today!

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