“Spring” into Road and Construction Projects with Perma-Patch, Alturnamats and Steel Bollards

“Spring” into Road and Construction Projects with Perma-Patch, Alturnamats and Steel Bollards

“Spring” into Road and Construction Projects with Perma-Patch, Alturnamats and Steel Bollards

Spring’s arrival brings with it the familiar sounds of road repair, construction and landscaping projects. Winter weather typically takes a toll, causing damage ranging from potholes on paved roads and in parking lots to downed trees, salt-damaged grass and crumbling cement security barriers.

If your business, agency or municipality has repair, replacement or new construction work on the schedule for spring, Traffic Safety Direct has the products you need to complete your projects efficiently and economically.

Pothole Repair Helps Extend Pavement Life

Winter’s freeze/thaw cycle – combined with salt, snow plows and traffic – wreaks havoc on asphalt roads and parking lots. Surface cracks that are not addressed continue to increase in size and depth, allowing water to penetrate, freeze and thaw. This causes potholes to develop, even on recently paved roads, and can lead to extensive deterioration.

Cold Mix Perma-Patch® Offers a Practical Solution for Cracks and Potholes

Repairing potholes can be costly, but if left untreated they are likely to increase in size and cause additional damage to both roads and vehicles. Cold Mix Perma-Patch is our go-to to choice for fast, effective repairs. This permanent all-season, all-weather patching material bonds to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces and accepts traffic immediately. Just remove loose debris, pour Perma-Patch directly from the bag into the crack or pothole and compact it. Check out our demo video for more detailed instructions.

If the Job Calls for Heavy Machinery, Ground Protection is Crucial

From utility repair and heavy construction to landscaping, protecting ground surfaces on spring job sites is essential. Whether you are a contractor, landscaper or arborist, you are responsible for ensuring that the ground beneath a project – as well as the equipment used to complete it – are not damaged. Properly protecting your customers’ property can save you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs, and using the right ground protection is the key to success.

Ground Protection Mats Offer Strength, Durability and Protection

AlturnaMATS are the toughest, most cost-effective and long-lasting ground protection option available. Our 4’x 8' mats come in black or clear, and smaller sizes are also available (call for pricing.) Made from ½” thick recycled polyethylene, these mats bend but don’t break, withstand extreme temperatures and won’t rot or deteriorate like wood. You can build a continuous working platform in minutes thanks to their easy linking system, and when your project is done, simply hose them off and re-use.

Time to Upgrade to Concrete Filled Steel Bollards?

Bollards are short, sturdy posts that are common in parking lots and parks, along streets and sidewalks, and near office buildings and storefronts. While they come in multiple styles and sizes, bollards serve a common purpose: securing and protecting buildings and people by restricting motor vehicle access in specific areas.

To be effective, security bollards should be designed to be bent or distorted on impact. An unreinforced concrete post has little bending strength, so it can easily break if hit by a car. But security bollards made of structural grade steel filled with concrete have increased traffic-stopping power. The pipe adds strength and give, while the concrete helps the pipe resist buckling or collapsing.

Concrete Filled Steel Bollards are Safer and More Durable

If you are looking to replace damaged bollards or creating a new  installation, it may be time to upgrade. Traffic Safety Direct’s 84" x 4" Primed Concrete-Filled Steel Bollard is ready to install, and can be painted or paired with one of our 4" bollard covers for a more polished look.

Bollards with a “Safety Yellow” powder coated finish, such as our 84" x 6" Concrete-Filled Steel Bollard and our  4" OD x 3' Steel Bollard with Install Plate, are durable, weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Traffic Safety Direct’s knowledgeable sales team is happy to help you choose the right products and solutions for all of your spring road and construction projects. Just give us a call!

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