Summer Clearance Sale: Save on Curb Stops, Speed Humps and More

Summer Clearance Sale: Save on Curb Stops, Speed Humps and More

Save on Rubber Parking Stops, Speed Humps and More During Our Summer Clearance Sale

Summer is in full swing, which means more people are traveling on highways and back roads all across the country. More than half of all Americans take time off in the summer and over a third of families will make vacation a priority. Combined with an abundance of outdoor summer events – from baseball games and concerts to carnivals and craft fairs – this makes ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians during warm-weather months a priority for small towns and big cities alike.

At Traffic Safety Direct, we offer a wide selection of products to meet the traffic safety needs of commercial enterprises, local communities and vehicle owners during the summertime – and all year long.

From now through Labor Day, our Clearance Sale features a range of traffic safety products – all at 50% OFF regular price. We purchased another supplier’s inventory of GNR Technologies and Checkers products – including curb stops, wall protectors and speed hump items – and we need to liquidate our stock to make room for new fall merchandise.

Reduce Parking Risks with Curb Stops, Wall and Corner Protectors

At the end of a long drive or commute, motorists often lose focus just as they are reaching their destination.Some say this is because drivers feel subconsciously that they have completed their trip, but the reality is the vehicle is still in motion. As a result, navigating the car the last few feet – whether into a driveway, garage or parking space – can often end disastrously. In fact, accidents and collisions in public parking lots and home garages are fairly common, and typically result in damage to vehicles and buildings.

Whether you manage a commercial parking lot or own a home with a garage, these simple steps can help prevent the cost and inconvenience of parking mishaps:

  • Install rubber curb or car stops to indicate the boundaries of a parking spot or space and let drivers know when to stop their vehicle. More impact resistant than concrete or plastic curb stops, rubber curb stops are an inexpensive and durable safety solution for both commercial parking lots and personal garages.
  • Use reflective corner and wall protectors to prevent damage to vehicles and garage walls by improving visibility for drivers during parking, as well as providing protection when opening doors.

You’ll find a variety of Home Park It Rubber Curb Stop units plus wall and corner protectors at 50% off during our Clearance Sale. Our curb stops, which feature rugged heavy-duty construction and reflective striping, are Ideal for commercial and home use. 

Speed Humps and Bumps Help Improve Safety

Reducing vehicle speed on a private community road or in a commercial parking lot is a challenge. Installing speed humps or bumps safely slows vehicle speed to around 15 to 20 miles an hour while maintaining traffic flow. By reducing the risk of accidents, speed humps help makes streets, parking lots and garages safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Traffic Safety Direct is offering special pricing on a limited selection of Easy Rider and Safety Rider speed humps, speed bump end caps and installation hardware.

Stock Up Now on Traffic Safety Products

At Traffic Safety Direct, our competitive pricing makes summertime the perfect time to stock up on the traffic safety items you use most.

Give us a call at 201-327-6050 for details about our Clearance Sale, or shop for additional products online. Questions? Contact us via email or by calling 888-260-3246.


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