The Right Ground Protection is Essential on Spring Job Sites

The Right Ground Protection is Essential on Spring Job Sites

Mats Work Best for Preventing Damage from Heavy Equipment

From utility and heavy construction to landscaping and tree maintenance, ground protection mats are essential to protecting surfaces on spring job sites – whether it’s to provide a temporary roadway at a works site or to protect turf from damage in adverse weather conditions.

Mats Work Best for Preventing Damage from Heavy Equipment

Because ground protection is often used with heavy machinery in challenging settings, it’s important that it is both strong and durable. Plywood is the most popular form of ground protection and it comes in various forms, including softwood, hardwood, solid or laminated plywood. Unfortunately, although plywood is considered inexpensive, lightweight and easy to handle, there are a number of downsides that ultimately make this solution unsuitable and ground protection mats a better choice overall.

Plywood Mats Have a Limited Lifespan

The average load bearing capacity of plywood mats can vary over time and from sheet to sheet, depending on differences in density, quality and surface conditions. The load capacity also deteriorates over time, contributing to a limited lifespan that results in frequent repair and replacement, increasing the cost of wood mats over time.

Using Plywood Mats Can be a Safety Hazard

Wood mats provide little to no traction and can suffer from frost and ice, which results in a slippery surface for equipment and workers. In addition, damage and deterioration can cause plywood mats to bend or break unexpectedly, causing splinters and debris that can lead to accidents. This is extremely problematic for work sites and other industrial settings that need to adhere to strict health and safety practices.

Ground Protection Mats Offer Exceptional Strength, Durability and Protection

By displacing the weight of heavy equipment, ground protection mats help create a solid short-term foundation while reducing the impact of the machinery on the surface below. These mats quickly create temporary roadways, pedestrian walkways or platforms over grass and other landscaping features, and will last through multiple projects without needing to be replaced. Ground protection mats also prevent ruts in lawns and turf caused by heavy equipment and machinery, without warping or cracking after repeated use. Weather-proof and durable, ground protection mats will save you money if you are currently using wood.

AlturnaMATS are Practically Indestructible

AlturnaMATS offer exceptional strength, durability and protection compared to other ground protection mats. Made from ½” thick recycled polyethylene, these mats are practically indestructible. They bend but don’t break, withstand extreme temperatures and won’t rot or deteriorate. The company’s Lifetime Limited Warranty means you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Best of all, the performance of AlturnaMATS is far superior to plywood. They provide maximum equipment traction and a load capacity designed to disperse up to 120 tons. And you can build a continuous working platform or temporary roadway in minutes thanks to their easy linking system, which allows multiple ground protection mats to be connected and interlocked. To clean your mats, simply hose them off and re-use them again and again.

Traffic Safety Direct is an Authorized AlturnaMATS Dealer

Alturnamats are the more cost-effective, long-lasting ground protection option available. Our 4’x 8' mats come in black or clear, and smaller sizes are also available (call for pricing.) Fast delivery ensures you will have what you need for all of your spring projects. Questions? Contact the experts at Traffic Safety Direct today!



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