Traffic Safety Products to Help Keep the Construction Site Safe

Traffic Safety Products to Help Keep the Construction Site Safe

Planning is critical for maintaining safety for the public and the workers before, during and after road construction. Traffic Control Plans and Internal Traffic Control Plans will be necessary, and often required. This planning process will highlight the need for traffic safety products.

Before Road Work Begins

Governmental entities will require a traffic control plan before construction begins. The purpose of the traffic control plan is to clearly describe traffic patterns and placement of devices through the different phases of the construction. Safety of the vehicles, walking pedestrians, cyclists and construction workers are of primary concern.

Additionally, a construction site may develop an Internal Traffic Control Plan. This plan is to define safe traffic patterns within the construction site, separate from the public traffic defined by the Traffic Control Plan to support that plan.

Below we cover some of the traffic safety products useful for both within the construction site and out on the public side of the site.

High Visibility Apparel

To reduce risk, the construction workers should wear proper safety apparel. Without proper apparel, they are at a tremendous risk of not being seen by a driver. Construction workers can easily blend in to the background. The proper safety vests will increase the well being of the construction workers.

The safety vests that are the best choice are called High-Visibility Safety Apparel. The vests should meet the standard safety apparel requirements of ISEA “American National Standard for High-Visibility Apparel”. The apparel should be properly labeled as meeting the ANSI 107-1999 standard performance for Class 2.

Pedestrian crossing signs

Pedestrians and motorists are better protected with in-street pedestrian crossing signs. The pedestrian can readily see the restricted safe access within the traffic pattern. And, the motorist is made aware of the marked pedestrian crossing.

The pedestrian crossing sign has different design alternatives. Available options are portable and fixed base. During the construction phase, the portable base provides convenient transportability. Whereas, the fixed base would be easy to install on the street and is used in more permanent situations.

Coroplast signs

When considering temporary signage within the construction site, an excellent material to use is Coroplast. This material enables a lightweight sign that is durable and weather resistant at an affordable price, even in low quantities. These signs can be made custom to meet the specific requirements of the situation.

Coroplast® is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC. The term coroplast has become a generic term for all corrugated plastic because of its popularity. It has the appearance of plastic cardboard. This is the key to its light weight and resistance to different weather conditions.


The new or repaired road will need to be safely marked. A long-lasting traffic marking paint specifically formulated for line striping over freshly coated asphalt is STRIPE® EXTRA TRAFFIC MARKER. Traffic ready in 60 minutes and VOC compliant.

Compliance to standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is important for environmental reasons and compliance with certain government regulations. The purpose is to reduce ozone harming emissions. Emissions can be reduced by  switching to low VOC content coatings.

Traffic Safety Direct

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