What You Need for an ADA Compliant Parking Lot

What You Need for an ADA Compliant Parking Lot

What You Need for an ADA Compliant Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots and garages must be accessible to everyone. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, was created to ensure that public places across the country are accessible for people with disabilities.

ADA compliance is essential for every property manager, and includes making sure public parking lots meet the guidelines set by the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Creating an ADA compliant parking lot is crucial for providing ample access to every individual, and it requires proper sizing, placement and marking of parking spaces reserved for those who need them.

Determine How Many Accessible Spaces Your Parking Lot Needs

Designated accessible parking spaces are the primary requirement for a parking facility to be ADA compliant. The number of accessible spaces commercial parking lots and garages must provide is calculated separately for each facility based on the total number of parking spaces. For instance, a parking lot with 26 to 50 spaces is required to have a minimum of two accessible spaces, while a lot with 76-100 spaces must have four. One of every six accessible parking spaces must be van-accessible.

Know the Size and Placement Guidelines for Each Parking Space

Once you have determined the required number of accessible parking spaces, you will also need to know the size and placement requirements for each space. Every accessible spot must be a minimum of eight feet wide and include an access aisle with a width of five feet. In van-accessible spaces, the access aisle must be eight feet wide. 

Mark Parking Spaces with Signage that Meets ADA Requirements

All handicapped parking spots in the lot must be clearly marked to alert drivers where they can and cannot park.You must comply with ADA signage requirements, which includes featuring the international symbol for handicapped access: a white wheelchair against a blue background.

If this symbol is painted on the pavement using an ADA compliant handicap parking stencil, you are required to also place a sign in front of the space. In addition, van-accessible spaces must have the proper signage. Federal R7-8 Handicap Parking signs must be mounted 60 inches above the ground surface, measured to the bottom of the sign. In addition to the Federal R7-8 sign, van accessible spaces must also feature a "van accessible" designation. While most states use the Federal R7-8 handicap parking sign, some states, like New Jersey, require state compliant parking and/or penalty signs.

Our Handicap Parking Signs Satisfy Federal and State Regulations

Traffic Safety Direct carries handicap parking signs that help your business maintain ADA compliance. To help you meet regulatory requirements, we offer:

All of our signs are made of 0.80 aluminum that is rust, fade and UV resistant. Available in Hi-Intensity and Diamond grade reflective sheeting, these signs meet MUTCD specifications and come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on our Steel U-Channel Posts.

Buy in Bulk and Save on Handicap Parking Signs

At Traffic Safety Direct, we pride ourselves on offering quality service, fast delivery and great prices. And you can save even more money when you buy your signs in bulk. Discount pricing is offered when you purchase 10 or more R7-8 parking signs, with deeper discounts for purchases of 25 signs or more.

Have a question before you place an order for handicap signs for your parking lot? Just give us a call. The knowledgeable team at Traffic Safety Direct is here to help with all of your signage needs!

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