Where Can You Place Yard Signs?

Where Can You Place Yard Signs?

Does your business or organization have a message to share with the community? When you are deciding on marketing tactics, consider using signs that can be placed in a yard or along a roadside.

Whether you are selling a home, promoting your landscaping business or inviting neighbors to your charity’s fundraising dinner, custom yard signs can be an effective tool for educating local residents about your products, promotions or events. Yard signs are not only eye-catching and easy to install, but they are one of the most economical forms of advertising available. But, you must know where you can and can’t place them so that you are in compliance with local ordinances.

Know the Rules Before Placing Signs on Public or Private Property

The number one consideration when deciding where to display yard signs is to be respectful of both public and private properties. The last thing you want is to damage your reputation by offending property owners or failing to follow regulations governing outdoor advertising.

When it comes to public areas or rights-of-way, there is no single rule about when and where you can place your yard signs. There are outdoor advertising guidelines and regulations that vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state, so it’s important to be familiar with the rules in your area.

For example, in Traffic Safety Direct’s home state of New Jersey, the Department of Transportation (NJDOT) issues permits for the placement of outdoor advertising signs along all state roads and highways. In addition, an outdoor advertising license is required if the sign is used to advertise something other than the business seeking the permit. 

How to Find Out Where Lawn and Yard Signs are Allowed

An online search or call to the municipality where you plan to advertise is a good place to start. Be sure you abide by all applicable laws and obtain any required licenses or permits before displaying your yard signs.  

Another option is to ask nearby businesses or homeowners if you can place your signs on their property. When other businesses or residents see your sign in their neighbor's yard, it helps build credibility for your business or organization. It is essential to get permission before placing your signs on private property. The “rule” here is simple: if you don’t have the go-ahead from the property owner, don't post your signs. 

Maximize Your Yard Sign Advertising

If you’re considering using yard signs, it’s important to give some thought to what you want to accomplish and how you plan to use them to generate maximum exposure.

Traffic Safety Direct’s 24x18 Coroplast Yard Signs are made from weather-resistant corrugated plastic and printed with fade-resistant inks – so they are durable enough to withstand the elements and lightweight for easy transport. We specialize in designing custom signs for any occasion, and also offer a few of our most popular designs for purchase online.

We carry two styles of easy-to-use stakes designed specifically for installing yard signs: our Metal Economy Coroplast Stakes made of 9-gauge steel; and Plastic Spider Sign Stakes that are made from near 100% recycled, fiberglass-reinforced high-density plastic.

Some Tips for Making the Most of Your Yard Sign Campaign:

  • When designing your signs, keep the graphics and message simple, specific and easy to read. If appropriate, include a phone number or website.
  • For maximum visibility, signs should stand upright at a 90-degree angle to and at least 6 inches above the ground. Signs that lean forward or backward are difficult for people walking or driving by to see.
  • Place the signs as close to the road as regulations will allow.
  • If you are installing signs in a large yard or open space, it's best to spread them out. A good rule of thumb is to place the signs every 600 feet in highly visible areas.
  • Be strategic about how many signs you display in one location. Potential customers only have a few seconds to read your message, so sometimes less is more. However, grouping together several signs with the same message, or a message that reads as a sentence from sign to sign, can be an effective strategy.

Professionally designed yard signs can be a simple and effective way to spread the word in your community. Whether you choose from our pre-designed yard sign templates or create your own from scratch, the experts at Traffic Safety Direct are ready to help with your next sign project. Just give us a call 888-260-3246 or e-mail us at signshop@TrafficSafetyDirect.com.

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