Which Products Can Assist in Pedestrian Safety

Which Products Can Assist in Pedestrian Safety

There is much that can be done to improve the safety of pedestrians. This is a worldwide issue. Speed contributes to around one-third of all fatal road traffic crashes in high income countries, and up to half in low and middle-income countries.

As a world-wide effort, the United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the UN Road Safety Collaboration. This collaboration set out in 2011 to achieve the goal of saving 5 million lives through Road Safety during the period of 2011 to 2020.

Improve Pedestrian Safety

There is much that we can do locally to improve pedestrian safety. We do not need to rely solely on police for enforcement. Our communities can play an important role in helping with this effort.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center offers tips and educational resources that can be shared with the community. For instance in their post Safety Tips for Pedestrians, they offer specific details on:

  • Be Safe and Be Seen: Make yourself visible to drivers
  • Be Smart and Alert: Avoid dangerous behaviors
  • Be Careful at Crossings: Look before you step

Private communities can consider alternatives, such as speed bumps, pedestrian signs and citizen education to deter drivers exceeding safe speed levels for areas with active pedestrians and cyclists.

Regulations differ, so the municipality and other governing bodies of the community must be contacted by the Home Owners’ Association to ensure compliance is adhered.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs for both Pedestrian and Motorist Safety

Pedestrians and motorists can be well protected by in-street pedestrian crossing signs. The pedestrian can readily see the restricted safe access within the traffic pattern. And, the motorist is made aware of the marked pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign System must be designed to withstand impact. The following specifications are important.

  • Double-sided, rugged polyethylene panels that can withstand the elements for years
  • Reactive spring assembly that enables the sign to bounce back upon impact
  • Anti-twist feature that prevents sign from turning if hit
  • High-quality, fluorescent 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting
  • NCHRP350 approved
  • MUTCD compliant
Custom Signs

There are times when standard pedestrian signs do not suffice. For instance, when considering signage for an outdoor event, an excellent material to use is Coroplast. This material enables a lightweight sign that is durable and weather resistant at an affordable price, even in low quantities.

Example of Coroplast sign

Coroplast® is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC. The term coroplast has become a generic term for all corrugated plastic because of its popularity. It has the appearance of plastic cardboard. This is the key to its light weight and resistance to different weather conditions. Signs that are lightweight, weatherproof and reusable are great for outdoor events and locations.

At Traffic Safety Direct, we can develop coroplast custom signs to meet the needs of your event. This category is so broad that we ask you call us to discuss any custom sign needs 201-327-6050.

Controlling Pedestrian Lines

Crowd Control can be challenging for even the smallest of venues, such as signup for Little League Baseball or a voting booth. However, the simple act of creating an easy to identify lane for people to follow can address this challenge.

Since people will instinctively arrange their movement using the site of a simple obstacle. small crowds can be managed with lightweight devices. A line can be easily created, providing a visual path for the small crowd to follow. The result is order rather than chaos. A plastic portable post is an economical alternative to steel or concrete posts. This is perfect for use outside, either “as is”, or with the base ballasted with sand or gravel.

Products to Assist Pedestrian Safety

If you need assistance in your community or city in improving pedestrian safety, contact us at Traffic Safety Direct. We love to share our experience and assist you in your efforts.

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