Why You Should Service Your Plows and Spreaders Early

Why You Should Service Your Plows and Spreaders Early

Why You Should Service Your Plows and Spreaders Early

For snow removal professionals, it is critical to start the season as prepared as possible. Waiting until the first winter storm to see if your equipment is in working order could prove to be a costly mistake.

Being Proactive Saves You Money and Headaches

If you need to replace parts, there is a bigger selection available now than later in the season. Should your equipment need major repairs, you are more likely to get faster service before the first snowfall than after. And servicing your plows and spreaders in September or October is not only less expensive than in the middle of January, but it can help you avoid having to pull your equipment off the road for emergency repairs at the height of the season.

If you haven’t already started getting your equipment prepared for the coming winter, now is the time be proactive. Inspecting, cleaning and servicing your snow plows, salt spreaders and other equipment as soon as the leaves start to turn can save you valuable time and money. While there is a cost to preventative maintenance, servicing or replacing parts on snow removal equipment is typically less expensive than having them fail.

Perform Annual Maintenance on Plows and Spreaders

It is always best to clean, repair and service your plows and spreaders before storing them at the end of the season. If you did, it’s still important to inspect your equipment thoroughly and operate it to see how it’s running. Lines may have leaked during the off-season and other parts may be damaged from non-use.

Follow recommended yearly maintenance procedures, which typically include lubrication, changing the oil, checking the connectors and inspecting for mechanical damage. In addition to normal maintenance, closely inspect the parts that get the most wear and tear. This means checking cutting edges and a-frames on plows and motors and bearings on spreaders to ensure they are still functioning correctly.

Also look at the harnesses and all mechanical connection points such as pins, hinge pins and clevis pins. Replace anything that looks worn or damaged. After you use the plow for the first time, inspect all mounting bolts to see if they have worked loose. Make it a point to do this regularly throughout the season.

If You Need New Plow and Spreader Parts and Installation Services

Work with a reliable dealer and place your orders early to avoid having to wait on shipments. Traffic Safety Direct has been an authorized Western and Sno-Way dealer for close to 50 years, and we offer complete installation and repair on both brands. We also stock hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts, so we almost always have what you need, when you need it.

Servicing Your Plowing Truck is a Must Too

Plowing can be tough on trucks, too, so don’t forget to service the vehicle you’ll be using before the first snowfall. Preseason maintenance is a must, especially if it’s a truck you use only during plowing season. Have your truck checked by a trusted mechanic, get the oil changed and make any necessary repairs.

Looking for a faster and easier way to get your snow plow or spreader ready for the season?

Our service team will make sure your equipment is operating at peak performance. We’ve got the parts and the personnel to service your equipment as quickly as possible – so you can get in, out and back on the road. Contact our service department at 201-327-6050 to schedule an appointment. Or if it is snowing, just stop in!

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