Campus Traffic Safety: Choosing the Right Products to Protect Pedestrians, Cyclists and Drivers

Campus Traffic Safety: Choosing the Right Products to Protect Pedestrians, Cyclists and Drivers

College campuses across the country come alive in the spring. The warm weather brings students and faculty outdoors, while end-of-the-school-year activities attract large numbers of families and visitors. With the resulting increase in walking and biking as well as vehicular traffic, the risks for campus roadway users are perhaps greater than at any other time of year. Since pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to traffic injuries, improving their safety is a high priority for facilities managers at colleges and universities both large and small.

Reducing Risk Requires Careful Planning  

Protecting students, faculty and visitors on and near campuses requires extensive research and careful planning. One of the biggest challenges to providing increased safety is the number and variety of factors involved. Many colleges and universities have conducted extensive studies to identify dangers zones for pedestrians and cyclists, such as high-traffic intersections and campus activity hubs, before determining how to implement changes. Issues that contribute to increased risk often include lack of signage posting the speed limit; faded crosswalk markings; failure to synchronize traffic lights and walk signs; and limited formal pedestrian crossings which can lead to jaywalking.

Products Designed to Improve Campus Safety

There are numerous solutions that can be considered in order to improve campus safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. At Traffic Safety Direct, we work closely with college and university facilities managers to help them select the right products and equipment to meet their specific safety needs. These include:

Traffic and Parking Lot Paint

Whether you are enlarging crosswalks or restriping parking lot entrances and exits to improve visibility, Traffic Safety Direct offers a number of easy-to-use, quick drying and long lasting paints. Our Waterbase Traffic and Parking Lot Paint performs equally on both asphalt and concrete and cleans up with water. It is recommended for lane, edge and center lines as well as symbols, legends and parking lots. Long-lasting Stripe® Extra Traffic Marker paint, specially formulated for use over freshly coated asphalt, is traffic ready in 60 minutes and VOC compliant.

In Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs

In street pedestrian crossing signs protect pedestrians and cyclists by alerting motorists when they are approaching crosswalks. Available in either “Stop” or “Yield”, our signs feature a reactive spring assembly that enables the sign to bounce back on impact. Double-sided, rugged polyethylene panels can withstand the elements for years, and each Pedestrian Crossing Sign System includes panels and a post. We also offer portable and fixed bases to suit any location.

Delineator Posts

By clearly identifying traffic patterns, delineator posts provide another alternative to protecting pedestrians as well as drivers. The pedestrian can readily see the restricted safe access within the traffic pattern, while the motorist is made aware of the marked pedestrian crossing.  Traffic Safety Direct offers several types of reflective delineator posts and bases, each designed to meet the industry standard for impact resistance and long-lasting performance under even the most demanding conditions.

Speed Bumps and Humps

Reducing vehicle speed in areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic is an essential element of any campus safety initiative. Speed bumps and humps safely slow vehicle speed while maintaining traffic flow, making parking lots, garages and campus activity hubs safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Our Easy Rider Speed Bumps and Safe Rider Speed Humps are made of durable recycled rubber and are highly reflective. We also carry end caps and all of the supplies you’ll need for easy installation.

At Traffic Safety Direct, we have the products and expertise you need to ensure that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are well protected on and near your college or university campus. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can help.

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